“Mercy” Production Notes: “Why am I doing this?”

Mercy_Title_FBresizedThis blog post is going to be extremely short but I wanted to clue everyone in on what’s been going on with this new film project. Let’s just say that this story/idea/concept has been nagging me for sometime now (three years)–euthanasia, life, choices, religion and all the turmoil involved with death. These are huge subjects that really only get noticed when the news seems to make a story about this subject. Even now, the debate continues about whether or not Oncologists and physicians should both be allowed to legally help someone die. This can come in many forms –from administering a pill (as an overdose) to giving a lethal injection. Most recently, there was a case of an elderly lady, who clearly wanted her life to end once the Alzheimer’s had completely taken over her mind. The hospice taking care of her, though, argued that she was “allowing food to be placed in her mouth” which indicated that she wanted to live. The family disagreed. In this case, who is right? It is these kind of stories that will be highlighted in this series. If anything else, I hope this series will cause one to stop and question not just the way they are going to die, but more importantly ask: how are you going to live?

This production will begin around the end of May 2015. Production will be shoot over the course of summer with a total of 4-6 short episodes that will eventually be condensed into a short film for viewing at a Film Festival. At least, that is the plan, as of now.

UPDATE (AUG 2015): Shooting has been pushed back due to some circumstances out of my control, that said, this production is still being planned for shooting this Fall. As of now, the shooting has been limited to the intro of the pilot.

Thanks for reading this pilot blog-post, which I will be updating with: scripts, production updates, pictures, and please be on the lookout for our trailer that will be out by the end of summer. My challenge to you is this: just follow us on this journey as we make a series that will hopefully get you thinking about life and death. If you want to come with us on this project then you can help by donating your time, resources or just by promoting it on your social media. Thank-you again.

Jason Humphries
March 2015

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