“Neighbors” Film Review


Another Seth Rogen movie? At least that is what I was thinking. This film feels like you have already seen it, well…that’s because you already have. Remember the “Burbs”? With Tom Hanks? Well, in either movie –both Burbs or Neighbors– both protagonists, eventually become the antagonists, they themselves hate. With that in mind, the high-jinx gets kicked into high gear. I wouldn’t dare say that Rogen is half the actor Hanks is, that, my friends, would be blasphemy. Although, Rogen is essentially doing –and playing– the same ol’ role/formula he has been known to dispense: a rude, crude, likable dude with a keen sense of humor, set next to a beautiful lovable side-kick (Rose Byrne).

So Rogen’s demographic in this film? I’d say early teens to about late 30’s. Why? That’s easy because anyone over the age of 30 will easily recognize the pitfalls of being a young person transitioning from “party-goer” to responsible, suburban parent. On the other side of the coin, Efron, playing the young college party person refuses to stand down against any “party-crasher” (Rogen) who will not let the party continue. Whoa, major party foul dude.


So what happens next? Rogen’s character calls the cops and tries to get the young college houligans kicked off the grounds. He doesn’t stop there. He breaks their stuff, causes the girls to cheat on their men and basically makes their lives difficult. Efron has no choice but to retaliate, and the slap-stick fun ensues. And guess what? I laughed out loud most of the film, which is good, but would I watch it again? No. It’s a one-timer. And beyond the potty-humor (which has become Rogen’s film signature), you won’t find a deeper meaning in this film except this: what do I do with my life? But, if you really think about that question, isn’t that what we are asking ourselves anyway?

Aurical Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars.

Watched “Neighbors” at Movies 8 on Sharer Rd. Tallahassee FL.

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