“Safety Not Guaranteed” Film review


Someone has a time machine? This is the hook for this film and interestingly enough, this is enough to get you through the film. Obviously, I had reservations about this film, but decided that I wanted to see this film, just to see if this dude was really ever going to make a “jump” in time.

While this film seems to have its roots in the Sci-Fi genre –it immediately felt like a drama –I loved this twist on the genre. The cast is great and their chemistry pulls you into the story. There is something charming about this film, that, I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Maybe it was the absurdity of the premise of the film, combined with the seriousness of the characters, or maybe it was watching the beauty of a relationship that sparked and grew. Albeit, an unusual one for sure.

The photography is not anything magical but well-shot nonetheless.


The film opens with our heroine lamenting about her life. She doesn’t truly feel like she belongs in her current time-line. And…there is a lot going on here, in the sense, that, we have all at some point in our lives day-dreamed about returning to our past and fixing our mistakes, or maybe we were indifferent about someone close to us and they left…or died. The main character works for a magazine that is doing a story on this supposed “time-traveller”. But unfortunately, she is only an in-turn who must do all the work for this hilarious writer who, just wants to party and have fun. So, he sends her to get close to the “time-traveller” and of course, it works. Here, the story is a little cliched because she begins to develop feelings for the time-traveller. Finally, the Government shows-up and things begin to escalate. I won’t ruin the ending for you but I was totally surprised. Although, I thought that there could have been at least one more scene added which, would have made for a more satisfying ending.

Is it worth your time? I’d say this: If you are bored with what is currently playing on Netflix then, yes.

Aurical Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

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